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Bill Buxton – Missouri

by Marc

Bill Buxton started making knives as a hobby in 1991 using the metal removal method. A few years later he became fascinated with the art and craft of forging. Bill quickly became hooked on forging and one thing led to another. There wasn’t a great deal available in information that he could find, but he kept searching and looking for ways to further his knifemaking desires. Then on the internet he located others who had the same passion for knifemaking and they began corresponding through e-mails and phone calls.

Bill says the people he’s met over the years have been very generous in sharing their knowledge about every aspect of the profession, and friendships have developed with some of the finest knife makers from all over the country.

In 1999 Bill became a full time bladesmith. All of his blades are hand forged and he works with several different high carbon steels: 52100, W-2, 1080, 15n20, O-1 and a couple different powdered metals. Bill makes his own Damascus and mosaic Damascus and uses nothing but the finest materials available. Bill also does all of his own heat treating.

Bill loves the look and feel of bigger bowies and tomahawks in mosaic patterns because they show more of the time and dedication needed to produce them. But he also does smaller blades and carries a 4” damascus hunter for everyday chores.

Bill is a member of The American Bladesmith Society and in 2007 attained the Journeyman Smith ranking. Then in June of 2010 he tested and achieved the Master Smith ranking.

Bill Buxton Fighter

In 2009 he won the “Best Fighter” award at the Arkansas Custom Knife Show.

Bill Buxton 4 piece set Bill Buxton D Guard Bowie

Bill Buxton Contact Information

Kaiser, MO

573 348-3577
American Blacksmith Society


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