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I Heart Knives

Michael Vagnino

Michael Vagnino – California

Michael Vagnino Jr has been fortunate to enjoy a variety of work experiences in his lifetime; cooking in his own restaurant, farming 200 acres of plums and peaches, and commercial salmon fishing…
Terry Vandeventer

Terry Vandeventer – Mississippi

Terry Vandeventer grew up in the "Great Corn Desert" of east-central Illinois. Early in life he developed a fascination with snakes and spent the fifty years becoming a recognized expert in the…
Aaron Wilburn

Aaron Wilburn – California

Aaron Wilburn spent his childhood learning important skills that he would later use in knife making. First, with his father, who was a contractor in building custom homes. Later, with his grandfather…
Michael Williams

Michael Williams – Oklahoma

Michael Williams started making knives in his spare time in the mid '80s by stock removal out of old files. In 1989 he attended a hammer-in in Old Washington Arkansas. After looking over the forged…

Bill Buxton – Missouri

Bill Buxton started making knives as a hobby in 1991 using the metal removal method. A few years later he became fascinated with the art and craft of forging. Bill quickly became hooked on forging…
Bob Kramer

Bob Kramer – Washington

Bob Kramer has a fun background. He started out as a clown with Ringling Brothers. Then he spent 10 years working in professional kitchens around the country. Then he ran a mobile knife sharpening…
Forest Sheely

Forest Sheely – Ohio

Forest Sheely--better know as Butch Sheely--started bladesmithing and blacksmithing in 1982, after getting involved in re-enacting. For the next twenty plus years he forged knives, tomahawks and…
Steve Culver

Steve Culver – Kansas

Steve Culver grew up in northeast Kansas. He spent a good part of his early years living and working on farms. During those years, Steve spent most of his free time hunting and fishing. Doing…
Jim Hammond

Jim Hammond – Alabama

Jim Hammond's knives bear his own distinctive mark of creativity and craftsmanship. First and foremost, his designs are functional to the max. In addition, by combining striking grinds and flowing…
Mitch Jenkins

Mitch Jenkins – Utah

Mitch Jenkins was very fortunate to have one of the top knifemakers in the world as his scoutmaster. Steve Johnson, or SR Johnson as the knifemaking world knows him, invited Mitch to clean out…