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I Heart Knives

Karl Andersen

Karl Andersen – Illinois

Karl Andersen grew up in a family where his parents were a strong influence that guided him throughout his life. His father took him on frequent outings and instilled in him a strong love of the…
Harvey J. Dean

Harvey J. Dean – Texas

Harvey J. Dean has been handcrafting knives since 1981, and hand-forging blades since 1986. As a member of the American Bladesmith Society he received his Mastersmith rating in 1992. In the summer…
Jerry Fisk

Jerry Fisk – Arkansas

To say that Jerry Fisk is a legend in the knife making world, might be selling him short. Referring to him as a knife making GOD might be more accurate. If you look at the Awards page on his website,…
Burt Foster

Burt Foster – Virginia

Burt Foster made his first knife at age nineteen, and enjoyed knifemaking as a hobby until age twenty-eight when he decided to become a full time bladesmith. He works in a shop that he had built…
Zack Jonas

Zack Jonas – New Hampshire

Zack Jonas was born near Boston in 1983 and grew up in Massachusetts. In 1996, he left the East Coast and moved to the Pacific Northwest where he attended a boarding school in Sheridan, Oregon…
J. Neilson

J. Neilson – Pennsylvania

J. Neilson is one of the more recognized knife makers of our times. His position as a judge on the popular History Channel show Forged in Fire has turned his name into a household term for every…
Don Hethcoat

Don Hethcoat – New Mexico

Don Hethcoat's knife journey started while watching his father work in a smoke house. Early in the morning, when his father was gone he would go to the smoke house and take a knife for a trek…
Audra Draper

Audra Draper – Wyoming

Audra Draper was the first woman to ever achieve the rating of Master Smith from the American Bladesmith Society. Born in Blythe, California in 1969, Audra's family moved to Wyoming in 1971. Audra…
Josh Smith

Josh Smith – Montana

Josh Smith is a fifth-generation Montanan, raised in Lincoln, just outside the Bob Marshall Wilderness. Living in Lincoln, he was able to enjoy hunting, fishing, snowmobiling, camping, motorcycles,…
Michael Vagnino

Michael Vagnino – California

Michael Vagnino Jr has been fortunate to enjoy a variety of work experiences in his lifetime; cooking in his own restaurant, farming 200 acres of plums and peaches, and commercial salmon fishing…