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I Heart Knives

Daniel Erickson

Daniel Erickson – Washington

Daniel Erickson built his first knife in 2002. A year later, his wife found a knife maker who helped him learn to forge his own blades. "Ring of Fire Forge" was born from the sparks off the anvil…
Jim Poling

Jim Poling – Minnesota

Jim Poling has been making knives seriously since 1983. However his interest in knife making started when he was a youth. Jim began doing stock removal with the crudest of tools when in high school,…
Michael Presnell

Michael Presnell – North Carolina

Michael Presnell has loved knives for as long as he can remember, collecting them as he was growing up. Then came a time when Michael wanted to create a knife for himself, just to see if he could…
Kyle Gahagan

Kyle Gahagan – North Carolina

Kyle Gahagan is an avid outdoorsman who creates knives that fit the individual needs of his customers, and that can stand the abuse they may need to take. He loves how a knife can become an extension…
John Harbuck

John Harbuck – Alabama

John Harbuck has been making knives since 1975. He operates from a small shop in south Alabama, and has sold knives to almost every state in the U.S. as well as several other countries including…
Gill Hibben

Gil Hibben – Kentucky

During his sixty years as a knifemaker, Gil Hibben has developed great notoriety and commercial success--and with good reason. Hibben knows knives inside and out; from the raw materials, to the…
R. Luttrell

My First Sword – Made by R. Luttrell

In the mid 1980s I spent a lot of time at Prestonwood Mall, in Dallas, because that's where my sister had ice skating lessons. She was really good at skating, and trained hard, which meant I was…