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Burt Foster

Burt Foster – Virginia

by Marc

Burt Foster made his first knife at age nineteen, and enjoyed knifemaking as a hobby until age twenty-eight when he decided to become a full time bladesmith. He works in a shop that he had built 300 feet from his home, which his wife refers to as the “Taj MaShop” because it took more time and money to build than they originally planned.

His laminated steel blades are unique in that they have a single piece of carbon steel forge welded between two pieces of stainless steel. This is also referred to in Japanese blades as “san-mai” or literally “three layers.”

There are basically two main advantages to Burt’s laminated steel blades. The first is that–at the temperatures used to harden the carbon steel core–the stainless sides remain soft and support the hard center. This makes the knife sharp at the edge, but tough overall. The second advantage is that because his laminated steel is made with stainless steel on the outside, the knife blade has the performance of carbon steel, with the maintenance needs of a stainless steel. The carbon steel core is exposed only near the edge, so 90% of the blade surface remains stain resistant.

The exposed carbon steel will darken with age, but this darkening adds to the look of the knife, and gives you a knife which when used, improves with age instead of the other way around. This composite blade construction is probably the most practical high performance blade you can have.

Burt Foster makes handmade knives, designed to be an extension of your hand, for many different uses–small hunting knives, EDC knives, kitchen knives, outdoor work and chopping knives–whether you’re sportsman, collector, soldier, or chef.

Burt Foster - Forgotten Bowie Burt Foster - Chef Knife Burt Foster - Fighter

Burt Foster Contact Information

Burt Foster Handmade Knives
Bristol, Virginia

423 366-8009
American Blacksmith Society

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