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Jim Hammond

Jim Hammond – Alabama

by Marc

Jim Hammond Jim Hammond’s knives bear his own distinctive mark of creativity and craftsmanship. First and foremost, his designs are functional to the max. In addition, by combining striking grinds and flowing lines which enhance each design, each knife from his shop is a work of art that is ready for the task. When you hold a Jim Hammond knife for the first time–absorbed by its comfort and feel, its balance and shape, celebrating the perfection of line throughout–you will realize in that moment why quality is worth the price.

Jim receivied a B.S. degree from Clemson University in 1977. After graduating, he returned home to Alabama and became a full-time professional knifemaker, becoming a member of the Knifemakers Guild in 1978.

Since 1981, with the development of the SEALTAC©, Jim’s emphasis and focus has been on specialized edged weapon systems designed for special warfare applications – Special knives for special forces™. For collectors desiring greater artistic flair beyond the military version styling, Jim offers collector grades, with varying degrees of custom embellishment. In addition, orders for certain custom work and “one of a kind” pieces are accepted.

Since 1994, as the first custom knifemaker selected for a custom design collaboration, Jim has been a production knife designer for Columbia River Knife & Tool.

When away from the shop, Jim is an avid fisherman whose adventures have included pursuing largemouth bass in Lake Guntersville (his home lake), roaming the flats in the Florida Keys for bonefish, flyfishing for rainbow and brook trout in the high-country of Wyoming, and tackling pacific sailfish in the Andaman Sea in the Indian Ocean off Thailand.

Jim has a private pilot’s license (PPL-G) in gliders and has earned the Silver Badge in soaring from the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI) in Paris.

Jim has been involved for years with Rotary International, the world’s leading service organization, made up of professional business leaders throughout the world. He has served as a Club President, Assistant District Governor, Assistant Governor Coordinator, District Trainer, Team Leader for a Group Study Exchange team to Norway, and as a Zone Institute Trainer for Rotary International.

Cruiser™ Collector Grade FE9 FE10 FE13

Jim Hammond Contact Information

Hammond Knives & Designs, LLC
Birmingham, Alabama

256 651-1376

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