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Josh Smith

Josh Smith – Montana

by Marc

Josh Smith is a fifth-generation Montanan, raised in Lincoln, just outside the Bob Marshall Wilderness. Living in Lincoln, he was able to enjoy hunting, fishing, snowmobiling, camping, motorcycles, and sports. Josh and his younger sister were raised in a small log house that his parents built almost entirely by themselves.

At age 11, Josh met Rick Dunkerley when he coached his Little League baseball team. Rick was making hunting knives and had just started learning to forge his own Damascus. During Christmas vacation Rick invited him to his shop to learn the process of making a knife. That February Josh joined the American Bladesmith Society as an apprentice, and throughout the next couple of years he worked on improving his knives, as Rick continued to fit him into his busy schedule.

In June of 1996, Josh passed the Journeyman test in Atlanta, becoming the youngest Journeyman Smith in the American Bladesmith Society at the age of 15. He continued refining his work throughout high school, making time between homework, sports, and work. In June of 2000 Josh passed the A.B.S. Master Smith test, becoming the youngest to do so at the age of 19.

Josh is blessed with four children: Demi, Sadie, Hank, and Macey. He owns 21 acres in Frenchtown, Montana where his shop is set up.

Josh works full time as a Journeyman lineman for NorthWestern Energy. He climbs power poles, operate backhoes, and works outdoors everyday in western Montana.

Josh enjoys making hand forged bowies, liner lock folders, hunting knives, fighters, push daggers, swords, and daggers. Each of his blades are heat treated to the highest quality. Josh uses fossil mammoth ivory, fossil walrus ivory, exotic woods, and precious metals. Josh prides himself in forging outstanding mosaic Damascus.

Josh Smith Folder Josh Smith Push Knife Josh Smith Dagger

Josh Smith Contact Information

Frenchtown, MT

406 626-5775
American Blacksmith Society

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