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Karl Andersen

Karl Andersen – Illinois

by Marc

Karl Andersen grew up in a family where his parents were a strong influence that guided him throughout his life. His father took him on frequent outings and instilled in him a strong love of the outdoors. And his mother was a bright light that gently guided him when he was lost.

In 1996, Karl picked up a knife magazine at a grocery store and has been addicted to making knives ever since. With a lot of trial and error–and a strong passion to learn as much about knife design and construction as possible–he was producing well made hand-crafted knives that he offered to other outdoor enthusiasts.

In July of 2004 Karl graduated from Bill Moran School of Bladesmithing in Washington, Arkansas, having taken the Bladesmithing Course offered at Texarkana College as part of their continuing education. He was instructed by Master Bladesmiths Bailey Bradshaw and Bruce Fuller.

Early on in his learning adventure, Karl was fortunate to meet and become the understudy of world class Damascus and Knifemaker Jerry Rados. Jerry taught him many lessons over the years and the result can be seen in the knives that he now produces.

At “The Blade Show” of 2008, after four years association with the ABS, Karl submitted five knives to a panel of Master Smith Judges and was granted the “Journeyman Smith” ranking in the American Bladesmith Society.

All knives from Karl’s workshop are entirely crafted by him from beginning concept to end result. His handle materials range from a wide variety of man-made materials including antler, bone, ivory, and some particularly rare hard woods from around the world. All knives come with a hand-stitched, wet molded sheath, which is waterproofed. Each sheath is wet-molded around the specific knife for which it is intended and is a work of art in itself.

Karl Andersen - Quillon Dagger Karl Andersen - Damascus Bowie Karl Andersen - Damascus Bowie Parts

Karl Andersen Contact Information

Andersen Forge
Watseka, Illinois

218 398-4270
American Blacksmith Society

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