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Michael Vagnino

Michael Vagnino – California

by Marc

Michael Vagnino Jr has been fortunate to enjoy a variety of work experiences in his lifetime; cooking in his own restaurant, farming 200 acres of plums and peaches, and commercial salmon fishing off the coast of California. But it wasn’t until he started making knives that he found his true passion.

Michael’s knifemaking journey began with a forging class from Karl Shroen in 1995. The pounding and moving of hot steel to create a useful tool was inspiring. He furthered his education under the tutorship of Tim Hancock and continue to hone his skills and strive for excellence everyday.

Michael is a member of the American Bladesmith Society, he received his Journeyman stamp in 2001 and his Mastersmith rating in 2003. Michael has also served as an ABS board member from 2011 to 2015.

Michael use a variety of steels and handle materials in creating his custom knives. 1084 and 15n20 is his preference when making damascus; other blade steels he use are 52100, A2, ATS 34 and S30V. Michael personally heat treats all his custom knives. He likes the look of natural materials such as ivory, desert ironwood, stag and pearl, but he also uses G-10, carbon fiber and other materials.

Michael makes fixed blades, but folders are his specialty, including locking liners, slipjoints, lockbacks and double-action autos.

You will often find intricate engraving, handmade indexed screws, and file work details on his knives.

Michael VagninoMichael Vagnino

Michael Vagnino Contact Information

Visalia, CA

559 827-7802
American Blacksmith Society

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