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Terry Vandeventer

Terry Vandeventer – Mississippi

by Marc

Terry Vandeventer grew up in the “Great Corn Desert” of east-central Illinois. Early in life he developed a fascination with snakes and spent the fifty years becoming a recognized expert in the field of Herpetology; the study of reptiles and amphibians. His work has taken him to far-flung regions to investigate and collect specimens of rare snakes for research and breeding in captivity. Terry’s childhood heroes were Marlin Perkins and Jim Fowler of Wild Kingdom fame. Years later he would experience similar adventures in Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America and the Amazon rain forest.

Throughout his life Terry loved knives and owned many. In 1989 he made the acquaintance of Bobby Howard, a stock-removal knife maker from Mississippi. Bobby was generous with his guidance and soon they both began experimenting with forging blades. To this day they remain great friends and often travel together to hammer-ins, shows and other knife-related functions.

Terry joined the American Bladesmith Society, became a ABS Journeyman Smith in 2000 and ABS Master Smith in 2006.

Terry endeavors to produce both functional and beautiful pieces meant to satisfy the new owner’s tastes and needs, and then be passed down to the next generation. He believes that with the hard-earned title of American Bladesmith Society Master Smith, comes the responsibility to produce the finest handcrafted cutlery that he is capable of, and he does so with every blade he produces.

Bladesmithing is a passion that Terry holds ahead of everything, save his family and career. It has taught him patience, and served as an outlet for the stresses which he encounters in everyday life.

Terry Vandeventer’s Awards

2010 – Best Hunter – Arkansas Custom Knife Show
2008 – Clyde Fischer Best Hunter Award – ABS Fall Piney Woods Hammer-in
2006 – Best Bowie – Arkansas Custom Knife Show
2003 – ABS Journeyman Knife of the Year
2002 – Best Utility / Hunter – Mississippi Knifemakers Association
2002 – Best Bowie / Fighter – Mississippi Knifemakers Association

Terry Vandeventer Terry Vandeventer

Terry Vandeventer Contact Information

Terry Vandeventer Knives
Byram, MS

601 371-7414
American Blacksmith Society

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