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Zack Jonas

Zack Jonas – New Hampshire

by Marc

Zack Jonas was born near Boston in 1983 and grew up in Massachusetts. In 1996, he left the East Coast and moved to the Pacific Northwest where he attended a boarding school in Sheridan, Oregon for five years. The experience helped him artistically, but it also stimulated a pursuit of mastery and excellence that he has applied to all aspects of life since then.

Zack attended Connecticut College with the intention of studying marine biology, but changed his course after a chance encounter with an enthusiastic and dedicated professor of philosophy. Zack graduated, with honors, in 2005 with a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy.

In 2007, he began working in financial services. In 2009 Zack came across an evening class offered by the Massachusetts College of Art and Design, called “Introduction to Bladesmithing”.
JD Smith and Zack Jonas

Zack enrolled immediately and ended taking the class back to back eight times. JD Smith, an ABS Master Smith widely known for helping to pioneer the re-invention of modern Damascus steel, taught the class. Recognizing his aptitude and enthusiasm, JD invited Zack to become his apprentice in 2009.

That same year Zack was accepted into the Post Baccalaureate program of the prestigious School of the Museum of Fine Arts, in Boston. His goal was to learn more about art, but also to evaluate whether or not he wanted to pursue a Masters degree. His experience at the SMFA was rich and rewarding, but he ultimately helped Zack determine that what he really want to do was become a full time bladesmith.

Since then Zack has made it a priority to seek out peers and teachers to learn from. In addition to working with JD Smith, he has studied with a broad and varied collection of masters all around the country. In 2011, JD and Zack were jointly awarded the Massachusetts Cultural Council’s Traditional Arts Apprenticeship grant, which is awarded each year to a master-apprentice pair in order to promote and preserve a traditional craft.

Zack officially completed his apprenticeship with JD in January of 2012 at the American Bladesmith Society Knife Expo in San Antonio, Texas, where he was awarded the rank of Journeyman Smith.

In May of the same year, his soon-to-be wife Karina moved with him to the small town of Wilmot in central New Hampshire, to build a new workshop and live life in the country.

Zack Jonas - Swallow Tanto Zack Jonas - Steak Knives Zack Jonas - Legacy Trail Set

Zack Jonas Contact Information

Jonas Blade & Metalworks
Wilmot, New Hampshire

603 877-0128
American Blacksmith Society

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